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lysosomal trafficking regulator [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:HGNC:1968]

Gene Synonyms

CHS, CHS1, Mauve

Transcript IDNamebpProteinTranslation IDBiotypeCCDSUniProt MatchRefSeq MatchFlags
Protein coding
CCDS31062Q99698-1 NM_000081.4MANE Select v0.95Ensembl CanonicalGENCODE basicAPPRIS P1TSL:5
Protein coding
-H7C4F5 -TSL:4CDS 5' and 3' incomplete
ENST00000473037.5LYST-2078293No protein-
Processed transcript
ENST00000489585.5LYST-2107069No protein-
Processed transcript
ENST00000465349.5LYST-2045220No protein-
Processed transcript
ENST00000468626.2LYST-2061140No protein-
Processed transcript
ENST00000468107.5LYST-205951No protein-
Processed transcript
ENST00000461526.1LYST-202866No protein-
Processed transcript
ENST00000475277.1LYST-208718No protein-
Processed transcript
ENST00000492844.1LYST-211452No protein-
Processed transcript
ENST00000462376.1LYST-203547No protein-
Retained intron

Exons: 3, Coding exons: 0, Transcript length: 866 bps,

Transcript Support Level (TSL)





Processed transcript

Annotation Method

Manual annotation (determined on a case-by-case basis) from the Havana project.

Transcript-based displays